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Frédérique Berman
“To affirm a singular personality, through a femininity that is conscious of fashion, but knows how to surpass it”

Deeply rooted in the jewellery tradition, I am addressing women who like to wear precious pieces on a daily basis, but without ostentation. Beyond the realization, it is the human encounter and the deep understanding of the other that animates me. Every detail counts in a jewellery project: Personal history, but also an analysis of morphology, eye colour… nothing must be left to chance, so that your jewelry is in your image, reflecting your deep personality.

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Your custom-made jewelry

Our bespoke jewelry are designed after an interview that clearly defines your desires and expectations. Hand-made, they will be the subject of a model, allowing a fitting.
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Rue Beauregard 4 – 1204 Genève – Suisse

+4179 616 17 81

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