“When art meets jewelry”

Inspired jewellery

Frédérique Berman’s precious jewelry is deeply rooted in the history of art and culture of fine jewelry, both ancient and modern.

Nourished by spirituality and symbols, Frédérique Berman’s jewellery inspiration is also rooted in her love of nature and the Mediterranean world.
A sense of elegance, a desire to assert a discreet singularity, a taste for the precious and an enlightened aestheticism are the characteristics of Frédérique Berman’s clients.

Your jewel

Our tailor-made jewellery is designed with the utmost care to meet the expectations of our clients: we take pleasure in involving them in their project. Whether it is a pure creation or the reinterpretation of an old jewel, we accompany you throughout the process.


Express your inspirations, your desires, your imagination


Choose one or several precious stones 


Select your project from the personalised drawings that will be submitted to you.


Validate the quote that will be submitted to you.


Appreciate the volume with a 3D drawing or try on the wax model.


Take possession of your jewel, a unique piece that only looks like you.

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